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Tips for Achieving ISO Certification

What is your Compliance Headache? ISO 9001, 14001, 20000, 27001 or 45001?


Here are some useful tips for achieving ISO Standards……..


  • Agree the scope of your services, locations, headcount etc that need to be covered
    • If your business already needs, or you anticipate it could need, more than one ISO Standard, consider cost and time savings of achieving multiple Standards in tandem
    • Although it might seem an attractive idea to limit the scope in some way, bear in mind you may inadvertently build more rather than less complexity into your project


  • Analyse the Gaps between where you are right now and where you need to be
    • Make sure you don’t over-egg it!
    • Remember that your people are the experts in what they do (that’s why you hired them, and continue to nurture them!) so draw on that expertise, therefore…
    • …identify where the key areas are (decision points, exception management for example) and focus on those where some written or graphic guidance will supplement the day to day more ‘habitual’ activities, which don’t need to be written down


  • Make sure you get maximum buy-in from the outset and throughout development and implementation of your plan
    • Establish and address as early as you can, any concerns individual members of your teams may raise
    • Wherever possible, involve all levels of the business in cascading information on programme progress, and awareness training as you go


  •  And…
    • don’t just plan how to achieve it – make sure you plan how to sustain and improve it!


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