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PAS 2060

Want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrate your commitment to the environment through formal verification for carbon neutrality? Our experienced PAS 2060 consultants can help.

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First published in 2010, PAS 2060 is an internationally applicable specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality. Verification to this standard will substantiate claims you make that your business is carbon neutral. Carbon neutrality is when a company works to reduce their emissions, as well as contribute to carbon offsetting projects, and ultimately emit no more greenhouse gases than it removes from the atmosphere.

Acquiring a certification, like ISO 14001 or PAS 2060, requires consistent review and improvement on a company’s current sustainability and emission reduction strategies. Therefore, the PAS 2060 standard can provide your company with the necessary, annual incentive that may be critical to keep the momentum towards reducing emissions going.

How PAS 2060 can make a difference to your organisation

Carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint through energy efficiency on your pathway to Net Zero

Continual improvement

Win more business

Gain a competitive edge by offering customers greener products and services

Measurable results

Legislative compliance

Comply with current and future environmental regulations

Reassure customers & stakeholders

Customer confidence

Strengthen your green credentials and establish a responsible brand image

Compliance framework

Provides an effective framework for organisations to reduce carbon emissions and manage certified carbon offsetting projects

Greenhouse Gasses

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change

PAS 2060 specifies a four-stage process to demonstrate carbon neutrality


Assessment of GHG emissions based on accurate measurement data

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Reduction of emissions through a target-driven carbon management plan

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Improved environmental management


Offsetting of excess emissions, often by purchasing carbon credits

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Documentation & verification

Documentation and verification through qualifying explanatory statements and public disclosure.

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Why choose Teamwork IMS?

Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Since 2007, Teamwork has been solving compliance challenges for a huge range of organisations, from SMEs to large international corporates. Our team of professionals includes CISSP, PCI Security Standards Council QSA, MBCI, GDPR, IEMA, ESOS Lead Assessors, NEBOSH and CMIOSH qualified consultants.

Multi-disciplinary team

Multi-disciplinary team

Our knowledge and experience across a broad base of management and technical Standards make us uniquely equipped to help organisations to comply with sustainability requirements and integrate with existing management systems to achieve significant savings and efficiencies.

Part of your business

Part of your business

Our success has been firmly based on two key principles: the ability of Teamwork consultants to look beyond the regulation in question and identify, define and align with the real business drivers of our customers, and our innate ability to become one with our customer’s own management teams.

Global credentials

Global credentials

We have developed and led UKAS-accredited ISO as well as other standard and compliance-based service improvement programmes for private and public-sector organisations across an international client base.

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Improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Frequently asked questions

Does PAS 2060 apply to my organisation?

Verification to PAS 2060 applies to organizations of all sectors and sizes. It can be used to demonstrate the carbon neutrality of your entire business or to specific activities, such as products, services, buildings, projects, or events.

Why Become PAS 2060 Verified?

Verification by an independent third party gives your organisation more credibility, helping you build trust with investors, customers and employees alike who are all becoming increasingly aware of the importance in associating with a company with strong environmental and social values. PAS 2060 will also ensure you get recognition for the carbon-reduction policies you implement.

How can we help?

If you are interested in the PAS 2060 standard and reducing your carbon emissions to further fight against climate change – Teamwork can help you!

Teamwork can help you make an environmental change for the better, starting with a carbon footprint assessment to know how much carbon emissions your company produces.

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