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Want to assure your customers of your commitment to the environment? Keen to meet compliance obligations and win new business? Our experienced ISO 14001 consultants can help. 

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Your first step to compliance

Teamwork’s ISO 14001 Gap Analysis service utilises pragmatic, business-focused methods. Our consultants help clients, partners, and stakeholders benchmark their systems against best practices, a vital step toward ISO 14001 certification. Our approach involves interviews with key personnel to assess your current compliance with the required standards.

Why is Gap Analysis important?

A gap analysis is a key stepping stone in achieving ISO 14001 certification. Following Gap Analysis, we generate a detailed and comprehensive report for your senior management team. This report succinctly highlights your areas of compliance with ISO 14001 requirements and more importantly, identifies the gaps. We accompany this with actionable recommendations and a realistic timeline for achieving ISO 14001 UKAS accredited certification.

Teamwork's Gap Analysis Process

ISO 50001 Interview


We compare your current processes against environmental best practices.

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ISO 50001 Documentation


We will conduct a review of your environmental documentation, establishing alignment with current practices.

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ISO 50001 Gap Report

Gap Report

We create a detailed report, presentation and plan with actions, ownership, and timelines.

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Utilising your action plan, we can either provide consultancy support through to certification or you can implement independently.

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How we work

Part of your business


Teamwork’s high-level ISO 14001 Gap Analysis compares existing core processes, practices and documentation with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, and other ISO standards if applicable. It identifies where the organisation meets the requirements of ISO 14001 and where there are gaps.

Experienced Professionals


During the ISO 14001 Gap Analysis, a high-level review of your existing environmental documentation is carried out to establish whether or not it is appropriate and reflects current practice. Any changes required to support improvements in line with best practice and the requirements of ISO 14001 are identified.

Global credentials


Once we have completed the ISO 14001 Gap Analysis we prepare a detailed report and present the results to your project team. The report will clearly identify where you are meeting the requirements. It will also pinpoint gaps, with the actions you need to take to fill them and a realistic timescale in which ISO 14001 certification can be achieved.

Multi-disciplinary team


Teamwork will work with you to prepare a comprehensive project plan covering the subsequent stages of the ISO 14001 implementation programme. This will include details of project actions, ownership and timescales, and will form part of a Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP). This would be maintained up to and beyond ISO 14001 assessment and would be continually updated and developed as a business management tool.

Continued Support

For organisations already certified to ISO 14001, discover how we can assist in maintaining and enhancing your existing management system.

Managed Services


Can we get a quote for implementation support before completing the gap analysis?

Yes. We have extensive experience in implementing ISO 14001 and can offer a fixed price for providing consultancy support for a full implementation programme.

How much will the independent assessment cost?

Please give us a call and we can advise. We handle wide ranging quotes from UKAS accredited certification bodies for organisations of all shapes and sizes. We can use this information to confidently advise you of the potential cost for your organisation.

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