BS 10012 Certification

Are you being required to have BS 10012 Certification? Would you like assurance that your organisation has effective data protection controls in place? If so, Teamwork IMS consultants can help.


About BS 10012

The BS 10012 Standard is a recognised British Standard to help organisations manage their data protection controls. BS 10012 can be applied to companies of all sizes in the private sector, but also to universities, charities, and public sector organisations. Achieving UKAS-accredited certification to BS 10012 provides independent assurance to your existing and potential customers and other interested parties that you have appropriate controls in place to ensure the protection of personal information. It can also give you that vital edge over your competitors.


BS 10012 Consultancy

Teamwork consultants will review your organisation’s current personal information management processes against the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the BS 10012 Standard and work with you to develop a plan and implement the necessary controls to achieve compliance with BS 10012 and support compliance with the GDPR. If required, our consultants will then assist you to ultimately achieve UKAS-accredited BS 10012 certification.


Integrated Management Systems

Are you considering achieving combined certifications for BS 10012 alongside other Standards such as ISO 27001 for example? Do you already have certification to other ISO Standards and want to integrate BS 10012 requirements with them? Teamwork IMS consultants specialise in this combined approach, that is, implementing Integrated Management Systems.


Personal Information Management

Ahead of embarking on a certification you may be looking to seek a posture assessment against your security controls. Teamwork can support you in conducting a posture assessment against the following: –

ISO 27001 – Information Technology Security Techniques – (ISMS)
ISO 27017 – Information Technology Code of Practice (Cloud Services)
• ISO 27018 – Information Technology Code of Practice (PII) in Public Cloud


BS 10012 Assessment

• Fulfils core requirements for many public and private sector customers and other interested parties
• Makes visible to all of your stakeholders the good governance controls and best practice processes implemented within your organisation
• Demonstrates alignment with best practice and the legislative requirements
• Ensures your organisation has effective processes to ensure the fulfilment of data subject rights, respond to data subject requests and data breaches
• Independently verifies that your organisational risks are properly identified, assessed and managed, while formalising information security processes, procedures and documentation.
• Provides assurance that business decisions and investments are based on risk assessment of relevant assets (including those of your customers) considering; Integrity, Availability and Confidentiality.
• Maintains awareness of all employees so they can identify and fulfil contractual, legislative and company specific data protection responsibilities.
• Provides a solid foundation for further development of management systems to embrace other industry standards that are likely to become important in the future.


Our BS 10012 Consultancy Process

If you’re not yet BS 10012 certified, find out more about our BS 10012 certification process, or if you already have BS 10012 certification, find out how we can help you maintain and improve your existing management system.


BS 10012 Experience

Since 2007, Teamwork has been instilling absolute quality into the delivery processes of a huge range of organisations, from SMEs to large corporates. Our team of quality professionals including CISSP, PCI Security Standards Council QSA, MBCI, GDPR, IEMA, ESOS and CMIOSH qualified consultants) have developed and led UKAS accredited ISO and other standards-based service improvement programmes for private and public-sector organisations across the UK, EMEA, US and beyond, from 5 to over 20,000 people businesses.

Our knowledge and experience across a broad base of management and technical Standards makes us uniquely equipped to help organisations to develop a privacy information management system and integrate with existing management systems to achieve all the associated economies and efficiencies in the system design, implementation and maintenance.

This experience, and the huge success of both the project delivery and maintenance phases of our standards-based practices, has been firmly based on two key principles: the ability of Teamwork consultants to look beyond the standard in question and identify, define and align with the real business drivers of our customers, and our innate ability to become one with our customer’s own management teams.

Who have we helped?

BS 10012 Compliance

Our team of experienced information security and data protection consultants have helped an extensive array of organisations achieve certification to standards such as BS 10012 as part of a standalone project implementation or alongside other ISO and information security standards such as GDPR, Cyber Essentials and PCI DSS. These organisations range from SMEs to large corporates as well as public and charitable organisations. To see some of our BS 10012 clients, please visit our ‘Clients’ page.

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