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Who audits the auditors?

Who audits the auditors?

We often get asked this – it’s an important question!

Anyone could create a certificate for any ISO Standard… but is it meaningful?

For Accredited ISO Certification there is a really easy way to answer this, as shown in this example of our own ISO 27001 certificate, starting at the bottom with some vital logos!

** Is there a UKAS “Tick and Crown”, complete with a unique Accreditation number? **

In this case “003” is shown as BSI’s unique number – the Schedule for this can be verified via the UKAS (i.e. UK Accreditation Service) website.

The UKAS Schedule shows which ISO Standards UKAS have assessed (and continue to assess) BSI for, and awarded them ‘Accredited’ status.

So, when BSI assess (and continue to assess) Teamwork IMS, BSI confirm that our ‘UKAS Accredited Certification’ continues.

Also shown is the logo for the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) which is the worldwide association for Conformity Assessment Accreditation Bodies.

The IAF provides the framework for which UKAS is regulated and mutually recognized by equivalent worldwide Assessment Accreditation Bodies.

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