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It’s all about consent isn’t it?

It’s all about consent isn’t it?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has of course obliged us all to consider more carefully, when it comes to the way data is handled, not only how to protect individual privacy, but also how to ensure that consent is clearly given for what that data can be used for.

Is it just a simple Yes/No, or Stop/Go?

Or is it a bit of a headache sorting out how it should be implemented in your own areas of responsibility?

And then there are updates and revisions to contend with…

New EDPB’s (European Data Protection Board) Guidelines

For instance, did you know that the EDPB’s (European Data Protection Board) new guidelines were adopted on 4th May 2020?

These new guidelines concern the validity of consent we individually give when interacting with “cookie walls” and when scrolling.

The revisions focus on “Conditionality” and “Unambiguous indication of wishes”.

Would you like some peace of mind that the measures and controls you have put in place for your Data Protection compliance are sufficient? Plus some help to address gaps where there are any?

If you would like any more help on the EDPB’s new guidelines, or clarification on how your organisation should be implementing any other GDPR or Data Protection related requirements, please contact us. Our GDPR and Data Protection specialists would love to help!