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Our range of Health & Safety Consultancy Services for organisations can help you reduce risk and improve the wellbeing of your employees, ensuring that your organisation is legally compliant whilst taking a pragmatic approach.


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Teamwork IMS Consultants use the best practice specified in the ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001) Standard as a benchmark for implementing effective Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems. The ISO 45001 Standard is strongly supported by the HSE and provides a framework for managing occupational health & safety responsibilities, so they become more efficient and more integrated into overall business operations, whilst ensuring compliance with the significant extent of UK Health & Safety legislation and improving health & safety performance.

Implementing the controls set out in the ISO 45001 Standard ensures a holistic approach to the identification and management of health and safety risks and therefore the avoidance of accidents and occupational health problems. This reduces the likelihood of lost time and costs through employee or contractor illness and injury.

If your organisation also determines that the external recognition of UKAS-accredited certification to ISO 45001  is required, with or without other ISO Standards, our consultants can help you to achieve that too.


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