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What is GDPR compliance?

The General Data Protection Regulation is a crucial privacy law that organizations must adhere to in order to protect personal data. Through alignment to the GDPR, businesses can build trust with customers, avoid legal consequences and improve their data management practices.

Our team of GDPR consultants can assess your position and guide you through the process of achieving compliance whilst implementing a data compliance framework. Whether you are an SME, multinational, charity or public sector organisation, we can tailor our GDPR consultancy services to your needs.

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How it can make a difference to your organisation

Prevent data breaches

Reduce the risk of data breaches and protect personal data (your customers) against cyber threats.

Reassure Customers & Stakeholders

Build customer trust

By implementing GDPR, your organisation can assure customers and stakeholders that their personal data is protected, thereby gaining their trust and confidence.

Reduce costs

Avoid fines and penalties

Data breaches can result in hefty fines and financial loss

Peace of mind

GDPR compliance provides assurance informational assets have been protected in accordance with industry best practice

Measurable results

Increase business growth

Gain the trust and credibility needed for securing business partnerships

International recognition

Adopting an internationally recognised standard will improve your organisation’s reputation and allow you to attain stakeholder requirements on a worldwide scale.

Our GDPR Compliance lifecycle

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis

Compare your current data protection processes against industry best practice

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We project manage your implementation providing key templates and consultancy support

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GDPR Audit

Our experienced data protection consultants will conduct a series of audits to assess compliance with GDPR

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Following implementation, we will help you to maintain and improve your practices to ensure continued compliance

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Why choose Teamwork IMS?

Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Since 2007, Teamwork has been solving compliance challenges for a huge range of organisations, from SMEs to large international corporates. Our team of professionals includes CISSP, PCI Security Standards Council QSA, MBCI, GDPR, IEMA, ESOS, NEBOSH and CMIOSH qualified consultants.

Multi-disciplinary team

Multi-disciplinary team

Our knowledge and experience across a broad base of management and technical Standards make us uniquely equipped to help organisations to comply with the GDPR and integrate with existing management systems to achieve significant savings and efficiencies.

Part of your business

Part of your business

Our success has been firmly based on two key principles: the ability of Teamwork consultants to look beyond the standard in question and identify, define and align with the real business drivers of our customers, and our innate ability to become one with our customer’s own management teams.

Global credentials

Global credentials

We have developed and led UKAS-accredited ISO and other standards-based service improvement programmes for private and public-sector organisations across an international client base.

How our GDPR Consultants can help you

  • General Data Protection Consultancy
  • Development of Policies and Procedures
  • BS 10012 (Personal Information Management) Certification
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • GDPR & Data Protection Training Services
  • Development, Issue and Review of Supplier (Processor) Security Questionnaires
  • GDPR Gap Analysis
  • Creating Records of Processing
  • Development of Privacy Notices
  • Supplier (Processor) Auditing
  • Legitimate Interest Assessments (LIAs)
  • GDPR Audits (which can be integrated with Client’s existing audit plans e.g. ISO 27001)

Related Standards

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

Assure customers that your organisation has effective Information Security controls in place

ISO 27701

ISO 27701

Protect personal information with a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS)

ISO 27017

ISO 27017

Information security certification for cloud service providers

ISO 20000

Ensure you have robust, efficient, and responsive services, and win new business

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to achieve GDPR compliance?

The timeframe for achieving GDPR compliance varies based on factors like organization size, data complexity, and existing readiness. It involves activities such as data audits, policy updates, implementing safeguards, training, and ensuring data subject rights. The process typically takes several months to over a year. Ongoing efforts are essential as compliance is not a one-time task. Regular monitoring, review, and adaptation to changing regulations and best practices are necessary to maintain compliance. Working with our dedicated team experts can expedite the process.

GDPR Audit & Gap Analysis - What to expect?

Our knowledgeable data protection consultants have conducted an extensive number of GDPR Audits and Gap Assessments for our clients. The GDPR Audit / Gap Analysis would typically include:

Submission of briefing notes and initial GDPR data capture document required for GDPR interviews

GDPR interviews that establish existing processes, practices and controls in place for personal data and compare these against GDPR requirements

Production of a summary report detailing findings and recommendations along with an associated GDPR Action Plan

Recommendations presented to the senior management team upon completion

Is GDPR compliance a legal requirement?

Absolutely! GDPR compliance is a requirement for companies dealing with the personal data of individuals in the European Union or offering goods/services to EU residents. It sets out rules and obligations to safeguard privacy and ensure secure data handling. 

Non-compliance can result in significant fines and legal consequences. By adhering to GDPR, companies can minimize the risk of data breaches and strengthen data security practices. It’s essential to prioritize compliance to meet legal obligations and maintain customer confidence in data protection.

Are there other standards that support GDPR?

ISO/IEC 27701 is a privacy extension to ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management and ISO/IEC 27002 Security Controls. The Standard provides a framework for ensuring the appropriate protection and management of personal information and assists in demonstrating an ongoing commitment to compliance with privacy regulations around the world, including GDPR.

Teamwork ISO 27701 / GDPR consultants will conduct reviews of your current level of compliance, including current data protection and information security policies, procedures and practices within your organisation and examine their effectiveness.

Teamwork can then help your organisation to implement an ISO 27701 compliant privacy information management system ensuring the selection of adequate and proportionate data protection controls which support your organisation in the protection of the privacy of existing and potential customers, staff and any other applicable data subjects.

We practice what we preach

For a consultancy team who routinely manage compliance programs for other organisations, progressing through our own certification process is always a valuable reminder of how the experience feels and we think that this contributes towards our efficient but sympathetic approach to consulting for others.

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