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Fantastic Client Feedback!

Out of the blue, we received this fantastic communication!


Jo Thompson at one of our long-standing clients Flooid kindly took time out of her day to send us this, showing her appreciation of Teamwork IMS Consultant Lois O’Callaghan:


“Lois has been working with Flooid now for a couple of years and picked us up as a client when we were in a state of change in personnel, particularly with respect to our Information Security ownership.  Lois has been a pillar of strength to myself and Dominic Mayes, our Cyber Security Officer and I know we would not have got as far as we are today with some of our BSI responsibilities if it wasn’t for her professionalism and more often her patience 😊  I realised just today, that we take this extra value add from Lois for granted as she feels just like a member of our team and therefore I thought it was only right that I call this out to you.  Clearly, we pay for a service, but the extra value we receive from Lois is appreciated.  As mentioned, she is professional, knowledgeable, patient and I feel a real asset to Teamwork IMS.”


Although Jo’s words vividly describe the approach which all of our Consultants take with our clients, it means a great deal to us to receive such unprompted and heart-felt feedback, so…

Thank you so much Jo, for sending this in to us – it made our day, and Lois’!