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What is PAS 3002?

Improve the health of your workforce

PAS 3002 is a code of practice that supports the physical and psychological health of your workforce. It provides a benchmark for your organisation, regardless of sector or size, and describes how health and wellbeing (including mental health) should be embedded into your environment. The Code of Practice provides recommendations to establish, promote, maintain and review the health and wellbeing of workers within an organisation. It considers how health and wellbeing should be incorporated into the working environment and how leadership can ensure health and wellbeing related services are available to employees. PAS 3002 was developed with input from the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, Hitachi, Nestle, and Public Health England, among other organisations.

What are the benefits of PAS 3002?

Drive positive health and wellbeing in your organisation

  • Proactively supports the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of workers
  • Assists your organisation in developing a work culture of ethical relationships, collaborative and communicative management style, and learning and development
  • Enables your organisation to capitalise on diversity and inclusion as an organisational strength
  • Helps tackle ‘presenteeism’, where employees attend work whilst not fully fit to do so, causing longer-term harm to themselves and the organisation
  • Ensures your organisation meets legal and moral responsibilities
  • Assists in protecting your workforce from harm
  • Drives the formalisation of health and wellbeing practices, processes, and documentation
  • Makes visible to all stakeholders the good governance controls and best practice processes implemented within your organisation

How we can help

Health and wellbeing review and compliance

Teamwork consultants will review your organisation’s current health and wellbeing practices and processes against the requirements of the PAS 3002 Standard, and work with you to identify any opportunities for improvement. If required, our consultants will then assist you to ultimately achieve full compliance with PAS 3002.

Other occupational health and safety standards

ISO 45001

In addition to PAS 3002 consultancy, we also provide a range of consultancy services to assist organisations in achieving compliance and/or certification – where applicable, with health and safety regulations and Standards. These include:

  • ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety) Standard Certification.
  • Health and Safety Compliance Reviews
  • Providing Health & Safety Legislation Updates and Guidance
  • Health & Safety Policy and Document Reviews and Updates
  • Health & Safety Auditing
  • Competent Health & Safety Consultancy Services
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessments

Our knowledge and experience across a broad base of management and Health & Safety standards make us uniquely equipped to help organisations to develop occupational Health & Safety management systems and integrate with existing management systems to achieve all the associated economies and efficiencies in the system design, implementation and maintenance.

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